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Now with FULL UK Postcode Lookup!

We have now updated navPOInt to include the ability to add full UK postcode lookup to your navigation disk. Thatís right, over 1.5 million UK postcodes directly mapped to their individual destination streets! No more annoying part postcode, part street name address lookups. Simply enter the full postcode and house number like most other sat nav users have done for years, and you're ready to go!

Once you have entered the full postcode, you can chose to either select the individual street automatically and then enter the house number, or navigate directly to the postcodes geographic co-ordinates as supplied by the Post Office and Ordnance Survey. For some addresses, where the original Audi DVD does not contain a matching street name for the given postcode, only the option to navigate to the geographic location will be available. However in a large number of cases we find the Ordnance Survey's geographic co-ordinates to be more accurate than the Audi house number database.

The trial version of navPOInt limits the number of postcodes you can add to a DVD to a single postcode area (for example BR6 9) so you can see for yourself how our product works. The full version of course adds every single postcode from the national database.


navPOInt is a tool for adding custom Points of Interest (POI) to your Audi Satellite Navigation Plus (RNS-E)*. Without it, there is no way to add your own POIs - the Audi DVD comes with a selection of pre-defined POI categories (petrol stations, hotels, etc) as chosen by Audi. You can NOT change these ordinarily and they do NOT include, for instance, safet camera locations.

Add your own categories, each with a unique custom icon of your choosing, to the navigation systems map display. Using NavPOInt you can add safety camera locations, or any other more specialised POI you wish, to create your own uniquely personalised navigation DVD!

This highly useful feature, available as standard on most after market GPS systems, can now be added to your Audi system with our simple and easy to use PC software. Download our trial software, add your POI, re-author your DVD, and you are ready to go! Full integration with the RNS-E menus allows you to select which POI appear, just like you can for the existing built in categories such as Petrol Stations, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, etc.

All you need is a PC running XP, Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) and the ability to burn DVD+R DL (Dual Layer) disks. Simply download a safety camera or other POI database from one of the many sites available (we recommend or and our unique software provides everything else you need to create your customised navigation DVD.

Start using NavPOInt today and enjoy a safer and more fun driving experience!

* RNS-E is the DVD based navigation system available as an option on Audi A3 (8P 2003 on), A4 (8E 2001-2008), A6 (4B 2001-2005), TT (8J 2006 on) and R8 models. You can tell if you have an RNS-E system because it says "Audi Satellite Navigation Plus" on the unit.


Full licence (includes the POI Editing and Full UK Postcode Lookup): £59.90

Licence for POI Editing ONLY: £39.95

Licence for Full UK Postcode Lookup ONLY: £39.95

To purchase a licence please install the trial version of navPOInt and author a trial disk. After you have successfully created a trial disk which can be read in your RNS-E you will be able to unlock the Product Purchase option in the navPOInt software using your unique Product Key obtained from the NAV, SETUP, Map Contents screen of your RNS-E.

Stuart McConnachie

Stuart McConnachie

navPOInt was written by Stuart William McConnachie, an IT buff and Audi driver.

Stuart was born and raised in South London, only just able to lay claim to being 'a child of the sixties'. Since graduating from Reading University he has worked as an Analyst Developer of retail applications for over 15 years. Recently he has moved from his previous job with IBM to work for an independent software house supplying world-class software to opticians throughout the UK and America.

During his career he has programmed in a wide variety of languages and environments, and gained a wealth of valuable business experience; but currently utilizes his sharp business acumen and C#.NET skills in his day job.

He lives in Orpington, Kent, where he is slowly renovating his house into the 21st century with help from friends, relatives and anyone else he can pressgang.

As well as navPOINT, Stuart is the author of the very popular BBC Micro emulator pcBBC and the Sky+ HD copier software Copy+.

David Artiss

David Artiss

David is the creator and administrator of the navPOInt website. Originally working with Stuart at IBM, he has assisted with Stuarts websites since he launched Copy+.

David continues to work with retail applications as a day job but dabbles with websites in his spare time, including his popular tech blog. This includes technology and personal posts, but also the plugins that he writes for the popular WordPress blogging software.

He lives near Nottingham with his wife and 2 daughters.

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