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Download navPOInt


Download NavPOInt

NavPOInt now requires installation of our Custom RNS-E firmware, which adds support for Album Art, Audible POI Alerts, SD Card Maps and much more!

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 Current stable version - Navpoint
 MD5 hash: 46AC12A9D7564A71DEF46ABFF2FB78F0
 SHA-1 hash: CDFED81DA85AAC43523C5E8404CFD20C7C79A6C4

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Respect Intellectual Property Rights

NavPOInt enables copying of your navigation disk and adding custom POI for your personal use ONLY - A feature we believe should be available in the RNS-E by default. We in no way condone the copying of copyright material for sale and/or illegal distribution. The NavPOInt software takes steps to ensure that you own an original version of the navigation disks for your unit before allowing you to proceed. Please do not purchase the software unless you own an original navigation DVD - it may not work. NavPOInt also includes your unique product licence key in each and every disk it produces. NavPOInt will cooperate unreservedly with authorised law enforcement professionals who wish to trace the source of illegally distributed copies of copyright material.

Obey The Speed Limit

Breaking the speed limit is not only an offence, it is dangerous! NavPOInt provides the ability to add speed camera locations to your RNS-E so you can say fully within the law and safe at all times. Remember that how ever often you update your disk there may be mobile cameras out there, and/or new camera locations, which the system is unaware of. Drive within the speed limit and at a safe speed appropriate to the prevailing road conditions at all times!

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